What About Low Carb Sweets?

Low Carb Sweet

There aren’t going to be too many low carb sweets that you will be able to enjoy, but the good news is that there are a few delicious sweet things that do make it onto the list of foods low in carbs.
These items on the low carb food list are acceptable for your low carb meals and low carb desserts, though anyone trying to follow low carb living habits would do well to keep their sweets consumption to a minimum.
Sweets just aren’t that good for you even if you’re 100% healthy, so it’s always a good idea to limit the amount of sweets that you eat – even if you think that they’re natural or healthy!

The Truth about Low Carb Snacks and Low Carb Sweets

The sad truth is that sweets are just something that you’re going to have to give up during your low carb diet plan, as sweets are going to be much richer in sugar than anything else that you eat. Most of the sweets that you find on supermarket shelves are basically concentrated sugar, and any sweets that purport to be sugarless are made with aspartame and other artificial sugars that will still affect your blood sugar levels. Sweets are going to have to go, or at least almost all of them are…
Did you know that chocolate is actually naturally bitter, but a lot of sugar is added to chocolate in order to make it sweet.
Chocolate is a sweet that you will be able to eat, though you’re going to have to eat the natural kind that has no sugar added. It will be a fairly bitter type of chocolate, though bittersweet dark chocolate is also acceptable in the low carb diet plan. Chocolate is one of the best sweets you can eat when it’s in its natural form.
Chocolate is so good for you because it is rich in an antioxidant known as flavonoids. This antioxidant will work all kinds of wonders inside your body, so it’s a good idea to try and get as much of this nutrient as possible. The darker the chocolate, the more flavonoids there are. It’s only when the sugar is added that the flavonoids are reduced, so it’s better to eat the dark chocolate anyways.
You will find that cooking and making low carb sweets with dark chocolate is possible, though challenging due to the fact that dark chocolate is not very sweet.
There will be some sweets that you can eat that are made from fruit, though it is only the natural fruit sweets and treats that you can eat. For example, you may find that there are treats that are made by coating fruits with chocolate and freezing them, and these are delicious sweets that are very low in carbs. Of course, this is only the case if the chocolate is dark and natural, but you will find that it will still be delicious thanks to the sweet flavors of the fruit that mix with the chocolate.
If you’re going to make sweets and treats with fruit, it’s important that you find the fruits that are as low in carbs as possible.
Try to dip pieces of low carb fruit like melon and papaya in dried raspberry.
You can also try other variants:
Dip the pieces of fruit in a mix of 2 parts licorice powder and 1 part ground ginger.
This mix can stay fresh for months if you keep it dry, and then every time you need a sweet, sprinkle a little of the powder into a bowl, dip a piece of fruit …….
This is really delicious!

Remember that there are dozens of fruits that are low in carbs, such as berries, melons, and so on. These sweets will be more natural tasting than you may be accustomed to, but they will still be a kind of sweets that you will be able to eat while on your low carb diet plan. If you can get the fruit ingredients for your sweets from the low carb foods list, you will be able to make your own delicious treats.

Other Sugars

If you’re going to make your own sweets, the good news is that there are sugar alternatives that you can use. For example, beet sugar is much lower in carbs than regular sugar, and it is allowed while on the low carb diet. You will be able to eat more of this kind of sugar, and you can use it to make your own sweets. Stevia is another sugar that you can use, and there are artificial sugars that are also permitted while on the low carb diet.
Did you know that there are actually low carb sweets that you can buy in stores?
There are a number of stores that sell low carb sweets made of these sugar alternatives, and you can eat these sweets – though in moderation.
That is really the key to the whole diet, and your moderation is what will make it possible for you to continue eating these delicious treats even though you’re on the low carb diet. Your low carb living is possible even though you eat treats, provided you find the good low carb options for your low carb diet plan.
Is Sugar Really Necessary?
One thing to keep in mind is that sugar doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of your diet. In fact, anyone who is trying to live as healthy as possible will usually be recommended to cut out sugar, as sugar has a lot of negative side effects. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you may want to cut sugar out of your diet altogether, even those sugar alternatives:
Causes acidity – Did you know that your body is perfectly balanced between acidic and alkaline? When you eat sugar, you are forcing your body to produce more stomach acid to process the sugar. This means that your body is full of acid, which can cause all kinds of health problems.
Has little value – These sweets may taste great, but how much good are they doing your body? You will find that the average treat will not do much good for your body, but they will just cause more health problems. It is best to cut out sweets as much as possible, as they will do a lot more harm than good.
Promotes bingeing – One important thing to keep in mind is that sweets can be like a gateway drug, as it will lead to doing more. When you eat something sweet, you usually want a little bit more of the addictive sweet sensation in your mouth. This can lead you to eat more than you should, both of sweet things and other foods you shouldn’t eat.
Can lead to cancer – Sugar is something that is known as a potential cause of cancer, specifically the artificial sugars that you will use in your low carb diet. These sugars are made with chemicals, and the refined sugar is also processed using chemicals. The residue of these chemicals can’t be processed by your body, so they float around your system as free radicals causing all kinds of problems – one of which is cancer.
Rots teeth – Your teeth are one of the most important body parts you have, but sugar actually gets rid of them by causing them to rot. The sugar causes microbes to form on your teeth, and these microbes eat away at the enamel that is protecting your teeth. This can lead to cavity and all kinds of other problems.

These are just a few reasons that you may want to give up sugar, especially now that you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle.
It is going to be one of the hardest things that you will have to do, but it will be totally worth it in order to enjoy a long and healthy life.
Giving Up Sugar Isn’t Easy
The truth is that sugar is one of the most addicting things in your house, and giving it up is going to be incredibly challenging.
Here are some tips to help you give up sugar for your low carb diet:
Eat Fruit – Fruit is rich in natural sugars, and you will find that these sugars will help to wean you off the refined and artificial sugars you’re used to. Try eating at least two servings of low carb fruit per day, and have these fruits at the end of your meal to shut down your appetite and give your taste buds that sweet flavor that they want.

Delicious low carb berries
Get Rid of Temptation – If you’re going to cut out sugar, it’s going to be hard to see others enjoying it or see the sugar sitting on your shelf. It’s best just to reduce the risk of your cheating, so get rid of all the sugar and sugary items from your house. Only keep natural sugars, and get rid of everything else.
Read Food Labels – Getting rid of sugar from your diet is surprisingly hard, especially if you eat a lot of foods that are already prepared.
You will find that reading labels will help you to learn more about the juices, TV dinners, yoghurts, milk, and other food items that you buy from the store, and they can help you find more ways to cut back on your sugar intake.
It’s best to avoid all kinds of sugar, even artificial sugars. This way your body won’t crave it, and you will be able to enjoy life without constantly having to resist the temptation to eat something sweet.
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