Low Fat Low Carb Recipes

Low fat low carb recipes are your best choice if you’re on the low or no carb diet in order to lose weight as well as control your blood sugar, and you will find that the foods low in carbs and fat will be your healthiest bet.

However, rest assured that there aren’t too many foods that you can find that are both low in fat and low in carbs, as most foods either contain fat, carbs, or both!

However, if you are not exactly following the Atkins diet but trying to live a healthy life eating low carb foods,  it’s always best to find the best low carb foods to eat that will also be as low in fat as possible.

The Problem of the Fat and the Carbs

The downside of many of the low carb foods that you eat is that they will often be fairly high in fat.

Remember that protein is the only food that doesn’t contain any carbs, so a low carb diet plan will often feature a whole lot of protein. This high protein low carb diet will be full of meat, cheese, pork, chicken, fish, and other foods that will be fairly high in fat, and you will end up with more problems thanks to your high fat consumption.

Now, the fat is a very important part of your low carb diet plan, and the truth is that you won’t be able to make it through the low carb meals diet without a good amount of fat.
This is because you are cutting out sugar almost entirely from your body, as well as anything that your body would turn into glycogen. This glycogen is what your body uses to create energy, so it will now have to turn to the fat in your body for energy. You will begin to burn fat, and thus your body will need to keep consuming more fat in order to have enough energy.

This is where the downsides of the high fat diet comes in, as the saturated fat from the low carb foods you’re eating will start to cause health problems.

Remember that saturated fat is one of the best sources of bad cholesterol, so you will be flooding your body with this artery clogging substance that is actually best avoided. You may find that your heart will begin to have problems, and you may even gain a few pounds thanks to the high fat content in your diet.

This is where the low fat low carb recipes come in, as they will ensure that you stay as healthy as possible.

The recipes contain very few carbs, meaning that you won’t have to worry about adding too many carbs to your daily total with these recipes. However, they are also fairly low in fat, meaning that you won’t need to worry about cholesterol and saturated fat.
These recipes are the key for those that are interested in staying slim and losing weight while also being able to control their blood sugar, and it’s a good idea to eat at least one low fat low carb meal every day.

What Goes Into these Low Fat Low Carb Recipes?

There are a few ingredients that you would do well to add to your low fat low carb meals, foods that will be both low in fat and contain very few carbs.

Here are a few of the primary ingredients that you should look into cooking with if you are trying to limit both your carb consumption and the amount of fat that you are eating:

Fruit – Most fruits will have a fair amount of carbs in them, as the carbs come from the natural sugars found in the fruit.
However, there are a few fruits that you can eat while on your low carb diet, and you will find that these fruits are an excellent healthy choice for your low fat low carb diet.
Include some berries into your morning meal, or serve yourself a few slices of melon over lunch.
Eat a small cup of strawberries, or even have a couple of peaches during the day.
These low carb fruits will ensure that you can feel full and satisfied without adding too many carbs or grams of fat to your diet.

black berries low carb

Vegetables – The good thing about veggies is that most of them will not contain a lot of sugar, though some of the veggies will have some. The main problem with some vegetables is that they are very starchy, and starch is a form of carbs that is best avoided.
There are many excellent low carb vegetables that you can eat, and they will all be very low in fat as well. Pretty much anything that is a dark green is great for your diet, and you can whip up a delicious cucumber, lettuce, and celery salad – hold the tomatoes. You can enjoy some radishes if you want things to be fresh and tangy, or you can go Oriental with bamboo shoots.

low carb vegetables

Lean Protein – The good thing about meat is that there are so many cuts to choose from, and there will be low fat cuts that you can find from just about any animal.
Pork sirloin will be fairly low in fat and cholesterol, as will tip steak and other beef cuts.
Chicken and turkey breasts are always a good low fat choice, and veal or mutton will also be an excellent choice (provided you find the right low fat cuts). You can always enjoy some delicious fish, as it is very low in unhealthy fat and high in protein.

Low Carb Starches – This may sound oxymoronic, but there are breads, noodles, and other kinds of “starches” that will be fairly low in carbs.
Most starches are a problem because they fill your body with the carbs that will raise your blood sugar level, but finding low carb breads, low carb pasta, and other low carb items along these lines will be the key to making delicious low fat low carb recipes, and Shirataki noodles heads up that list as one of the best foods to eat.

These are the ingredients for your recipes, and below you will find some actual recipe ideas for you to try:

Grilled Fish Salad

This is a delicious meal that you can make easily, and you will find that it will be a filling one as well.
Make yourself a Caesar salad, and treat yourself by grating a bit of Parmesan onto the salad.
Place the fish onto your BBQ grill, and sprinkle it with all of the spices that you want.
Once the fish is grilled, let it cool for a minute before slicing it into strips and putting those strips onto the bed of lettuce.
Don’t forget your slice of lime to add flavor to the fish, as well as your low carb and low fat salad dressing!

Tuna Surprise

This meal is one that you are guaranteed to enjoy, and it is easy to prepare correctly.
For this meal, you will need to open a can of tuna, and you will chop celery, cucumber, and alfalfa sprouts very finely.
You can add some lettuce to your mixture as well, and don’t forget to add a few olives to your simple salad.
If you want to make it a bit more filling, you can add a few cubes of cheese and ham, and the entire thing can be seasoned with a light sprinkling of apple cider vinegar.

Spiced Pork

For this meal, you will need a fairly lean cut of pork – preferably pork sirloin or some other cut with as little fat.
You will need to grate some ginger, along with a very small amount of garlic and onions (both are high carbs, but totally needed for the flavor).
Use a small amount of vegetable oil in a pan to sauté the aromatic vegetables, and add the pork into the mixture.
Add a bit of soy sauce, a teaspoon of vinegar, and half a lemon to the sauce, and serve the delicious saucy mix over a bed of steaming Shirataki noodles for a wonderful Oriental meal.

Grilled Shrimp

Shrimp is fairly low in fat, though it may contain more cholesterol than you will want for your diet.
Still, as far as low fat low carb recipes go, this grilled shrimp is the way to go.
Simply rub down the grilled shrimp with the bottled salsa of your choice (Tabasco is my personal favorite, though I sprinkle the sauce rather than rub it into the shrimp), and place it on the grill to cook. Add a bit of salt, pepper, and a dash of lime, and serve the shrimp with the salad of your choice.

These are just a few low fat low carb recipes that you can try, and you may just find that these foods will be the best things for you to eat while on your low carb diet.

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