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You have lost the pounds you aimed to lose with Atkins Diet or any other diet.
Now you just want to lose a few more pounds, or keep the weight you have now – and this is where knowledge about low carb foods comes in handy.

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If you want to know about carbs or how to live with as few carbs as possible, you’ve come to just the right place!

Best Low Carb Foods

There are a whole lot of foods that are low in carbs, and you will find that satisfying your hunger will be quite easy without getting too many carbs in your diet. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might expect!

Here is a list of some of the best low carb foods that you can find on your supermarket stores:


  • Broccoli
  • Greens – lettuce, spinach, chard, etc.
  • Avocado
  • Cucumbers (or pickles without added sugars)
  • Hearty Greens – collards, mustard greens, kale, etc.
  • Jicama
  • Fennel
  • Asparagus
  • Okra
  • Cauliflower
  • Green Beans and Wax Beans
  • Peppers

best low carb fruitsFruits:

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Peaches
  • Papaya
  • Blackberries
  • Watermelon
  • Nectarines
  • Rhubarb
  • Raspberries
  • Casaba Melon
  • Small Amounts of Lemon or Lime
  • Cranberries


  • Oats
  • Corn
  • Wild rice

All of these foods are the lowest in carbs that you can find, though there are plenty more to choose from as you prepare to go on your low carb diet…

Good luck!

Your Low Carb Diet Plan

If you are planning to go on a low carb diet, you will need to plan to eat the right amounts of foods. Here is a rough guide to your low carb diet plan:

lots of vegetablesEat Lots of Vegetables – Veggies contain a whole lot of soluble and insoluble fiber, which are basically the nemeses of carbohydrates. The more fiber you eat, the less Net Carbs you will lend up absorbing.

There are all kinds of veggies that you can eat that are very low in carbs – such as those on the list above – and you should try to eat as many of these low carb vegetables as possible.

It is recommended that you eat at least 50% vegetables while on a low carb diet, as that is the best way to be certain that you don’t get too many carbs from other sources.
Try and fill up at least half of your dinner plate with veggies, preferably the veggies that have low carb content. Make sure to get lots of colored vegetables, with a bit of green mixed with yellow, red, and orange. This is the best way to be certain that you are getting a balanced diet of all of those phytonutrients that you need, as well as the amazing antioxidants that your body will require in order to be healthy!

low carb berriesGo Easy On Fruits – Fruits contain a whole lot of sugar, meaning that they contain a lot of carbohydrates. You should try to switch out other forms of carbs for fruit, as they are the best form of carbs that you can get –provided that you consume them in moderation.

Make sure the keep your fruit consumption to a healthy minimum, with just a few servings per day. As long as you don’t eat too many servings of fruit, you will have nothing to worry about.

The best low carb fruits that you can find will be the ones that contain as little sugar as possible, and berries take the top of that list. There are some fruits like melons that contain small amounts of sugar but lots of healthy nutrients, and you should eat as much of those fruits as possible. Try and switch up your fruit intake regularly, however, as that way you can get the wide variety of nutrients that you will find in all the amazing fruits on our planet!

meat for low carb dietGo Nuts with Meats – This doesn’t mean that you should just eat as much meat as you want, but it does mean that you are going to be replacing all of the carbs that your body isn’t getting with healthy protein and a bit of fat. You don’t want to eat too much fat, however, as that way you will end up packing on more pounds than you would were you to eat a lot of carbs. You will still need to find a balance, so it’s best to try and eat the low fat meats as much as possible.

One great thing about consuming protein is that your body isn’t really equipped to eat too much protein. Protein is incredibly filling, and you will almost have to force yourself to eat more than 35% of your total calorie intake in the form of protein. You will usually be very full by the time you get to 25% of your protein intake, so it will be easy to keep it limited.

choose the right fatsChoose the Right Fats – There are fats, and then there are fats!

For your low carb diet, it’s important that you cut out all the unhealthy fats as much as possible. Obviously you are going to be increasing your protein intake, meaning that you will be consuming more animal meats – which means saturated fat. However, it’s always recommended that you keep your fat intake to a minimum, as that way you will be able to lose weight and keep your cholesterol low.

You do need to eat some fat, and a portion of that fat will need to come from the animal proteins that you will be eating. However, it’s always best to try and get fats from the right sources, specifically nuts, plants, and fish. These fats are all natural, so they will actually help your body in many ways. Your body will need fats, and these fats will be more beneficial than harmful. This is why choosing the right fat is important, as you want to be certain that you are consuming as much of these beneficial fats as you can!

Cut Back on Dairy – If there is one thing that you can expect from dairy products, it will be that they have a whole lot of sugar. This sugar is naturally found in milk, and is actually called lactose. This sugar is beneficial for your body, but it can add a whole lot to the carbs that you will be eating. If you eat flavored yoghurt, no doubt you will find that it too will have a lot of sugar. Don’t even get me started on how many carbs will be in fruit yoghurt…!

The secret to keeping your diet low in carbs while still being able to eat dairy is to find the dairy products that have had the lactose removed. This includes Acidophilus milk, Soy milk, and other dairy products that are made to be lactose free. Remember that the high fat products usually have a higher lactose content, so it’s best to avoid these. If you can’t find lactose-free dairy products, it’s best just to avoid them altogether.

Chow Down on Legumes – If there is one great thing about legumes, it is that they contain a whole lot of fiber. As mentioned above, fiber basically counteracts the effects of carbs, so getting lots of fiber in your diet is the secret to staying healthy on a low carb diet. However, when it comes to legumes, it may be time to take a look at the carb content vs the fiber content.

Legumes like beans and lentils do have a whole lot of carbohydrates, and you may end up putting more carbs into your body than you might like if you eat these legumes – despite their high fiber content. Legumes actually contain a form of starch that your stomach either digests very slowly or isn’t able to digest at all, so you won’t be getting too many carbs from these foods. As long as you keep your legume intake moderated, it shouldn’t be a problem to add them to your diet!

Be Wary of Grains – Grains are an excellent source of fiber, both soluble and insoluble fiber. At the same time, however, they also contain a whole lot of carbohydrates. The white and refined grains always contain a lot more of these carbs than they should, so you will often end up eating a lot of carbohydrates if you automatically turn to the white rice or pasta noodles instead of the brown rice or oats.

If you are going to eat grains, it’s always best to eat the grains that are as natural as possible. The browner they are, the healthier they are! If you are going to cut back to a very low carb diet, it may not be a wise idea to keep eating grains.
However, for those that just want to cut back their diet to reduce the amount of carbs they are eating, a low carb diet can usually include some whole grains. The key is to eat them in their natural form (not in the form of flour), as in their natural form the starch they contain is much harder for your body to turn into carbs or glucose. Try and keep your grains consumption to no more than half a cup per meal, as that way you will be able to limit the number of carbs you are eating.

Stay Away from Snacks –Snacks are going to be your worst enemy in the struggle against carbohydrates, and the truth is that it’s best to stay away from snacks altogether if you are trying to go on a low carb diet. All snacks are made with fruit (a source of sugar), grains or flour (a source of carbs), sugar (major carbs here!), and fat (also bad for you).
Basically, snacks are the nemesis of your low carb diet, and you should avoid all snacks at all costs if you are serious about limiting the number of carbs that you eat.

If you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE SNACKS, it’s best to limit the intake of snacks to once in a blue moon – or even less frequently.
If you are having problems with high blood sugar, you will find that even a small amount of sugar and carbs in the form of a treat can send your blood sugar spiking. It’s best to avoid all the high sugar snacks, and you should try to find the snacks that contain as few carbs as possible. There are many delicious low carb treats and foods that you can enjoy, but it’s best to avoid snacking as much as you can.

low carb snack

These are the foods that you will need to eat for your low carb diet, and it is very important to follow the Low Carb Diet as closely as possible. Those that suffer from diabetes will be at serious risk if they don’t keep their carbohydrate consumption limited, and those that are trying to lose weight will find that carbs are their worst enemy! The secret to being able to stay as healthy as possible is to limit yourself – with as few exceptions as possible! Good luck, and happy dieting!

Benefits of a Low Carb Foods Diet

Now, you have heard about all the low carb foods that you can and should eat, as well as recommendations of what you should and shouldn’t eat. However, why are you trying to follow this low carb diet in the first place? What are the benefits? Check out this list:

  • Losing Weight – That’s right, cutting back on carbs is one of the best ways to lose weight, and anyone who restricts their carbohydrate intake is guaranteed to lose weight. Carbs and fats are the two main sources of calories, so reducing your calorie intake forces your body to burn up the fat that you have stored in order to continue functioning. It’s an awesome side effect of your low carb diet.
  • Lower Bad Cholesterol – An interesting benefit of a low carb diet is that you are able to put a serious dent in the ranks of your bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is a serious problem that contributes to many deaths in the U.S. every year, and it is caused by both fat and starch – the latter is known as carbs. By cutting back on your carb intake, you will be able to lower your bad cholesterol – both LDL and triglycerides.
  • Raise Good Cholesterol – Good cholesterol is the HDL cholesterol that helps to get rid of all the bad cholesterol, but your body suppresses the production of this cholesterol when you weigh more than you should. However, seeing as you will be cutting back on your fat and sugar intake, you will be losing weight – which will in turn make it possible for your body to produce more of the good cholesterol.
  • Reduce Blood Sugar – One of the main reasons for cutting back on carbs is diabetes, which is basically blood sugar levels that are too high thanks to too much sugar in your body. If you are going to deal with your blood sugar problem, cutting back on carbs is the most effective way to do so. Not only will your weight loss help to prevent diabetes, but it can help you to overcome it even if it has set in.
  • Increased Sensitivity to Insulin – Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for metabolizing both fat and carbs, but those that are diabetic or weigh more than they should tend to be less sensitive to insulin. However, cutting back on carbs will actually make it possible for you to be more sensitive to insulin, which will help to reduce your risk of diabetes in the future.
  • Lower Blood Pressure –Hypertension is something that is guaranteed to be a death warrant if it gets out of control, and it is often caused by high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high levels of blood sugar. By cutting back on carbs and going on a low carb diet with lots of low carb foods, you will be giving your body the chance to keep your blood pressure under control – giving your heart a break and preventing all kinds of heart problems!
  • Boosted Energy – Seeing as your body will not have to deal with all the sugar and fat in your system, it will be free to focus on all the other tasks that it needs to get to – such as making energy for your use. You will lose a lot of weight on your low carb diet, and the result will be a lot more energy for you to use for your exercise and active lifestyle!
  • Reduced Cravings – Most of the people that are diabetic or overweight have some kind of problem, and food cravings is just one of the many problems that you will have to deal with in order to stay faithful to your low carb diet. However, once you get over these food cravings, it will be easier for you to resist temptation in the future and stay away from the poor condition you are in now.
  • Improved Mood – Did you know that your mood is regulated by the food you eat? Well, more like your brain needs certain nutrients in order to produce the chemicals that stimulate your brain to produce the good feelings that you interpret as a good mood, but eating too much sugar starves your brain of these nutrients. By cutting back on carbs, you are focusing on eating the foods that will help your brain to make you feel great once more!
  • Better Teeth – Lots of sugar is actually quite terrible for your teeth, so it’s important that you cut back on the carbs in order to give your mouth a break. If you eat a lot of sugar and carbs, there is a chance that you will form cavities and other oral hygiene problems. During this time that you are going to be giving carbs a break, it will give your mouth a chance to be healthy again!

Tips to Help You Succeed

If you are going to try to eat all the low carb foods, it isn’t going to be easy. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  1. Plan ahead – Don’t let meal times catch you unprepared, as that is when you will usually snack on something that you shouldn’t eat. Instead, make sure to prepare your food ahead of time in order to be certain that you eat only low carb foods.
  2. Get creative – If you eat the same thing every day, it’s going to be quite tiring after a while. Instead, try to be creative with the recipes and meals that you prepare to make it more enjoyable to eat.
  3. Carry snacks – Rather than giving in to hunger or cravings while at the office or on errands, take a low carb snack with you to make it easier for you to eat only the right foods.
  4. SAY NO!! – This is very important, as you are going to have to say NO! time and again when your body is craving a certain food. Don’t let your body rule you, but rule your body instead!

It won’t be easy, but nothing in life that is worth anything ever is. Good luck and happy eating!

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