Low Carb Appetizers

Low carb appetizers can be the perfect way for you to start off your dinner party, or they can just be a great thing to serve at a real party or event.
You can really enjoy your low carb living by starting the meal off with these delicious items from the low carb foods list. You may just find that these appetizers will help to take the edge off your hunger, and they will be just what you need to start your meal in style.

The good thing about appetizers is that there is pretty much no limit to what you can do with them. You can get creative and experiment with dozens of different kinds of appetizers, and you will find that they will be a delicious treat no matter how you make them.
If you want to go nuts with the appetizers, it can be a fun way to experiment and put your cooking skills to the test.

Ingredients for Your Appetizers

It’s important that you stick with the best foods low in carbs in order to stay faithful to your low carb diet plan. Remember that there are hundreds of things that you can use to make yourself some delicious low carb meals and appetizers, and you can come up with all kinds of delicious treats to help whet your appetite for your low carb meal.
Here are a few of the ingredients that you can use for your appetizers, as well as a few suggestions of low carb appetizers that you can try:


Meat will be a great ingredient to use for your appetizers, though you can also consider using chicken, ham, turkey, and pretty much any other kind of animal product.
These foods are low in carbs thanks to their high fat and protein content. If you want to stay faithful to your diet, meats are the best thing to eat. Starting your meal off with a delicious appetizer using meat is a great way to go.

You can try the Japanese beef shabu shabu as a delicious Oriental treat, or you can make yourself some delicious spring rolls by boiling ground beef inside a wrap of cabbage and bacon.
You may want to slice your turkey ham into small pieces to be served with olives and cheese, or you can make yourself a simple cubed ham salad.
Salami rolls will make a great low carb appetizer, or you can start the meal by serving grilled chicken breast in a leaf of lettuce.


Cheese is a delicious food, and it is also one of the most versatile of the foods that you can find. It is fairly high in fat, meaning that your average cheese won’t have a whole lot of carbs. You can find cheeses of just about every flavor, though it’s the mild cheeses that will usually have the most fat.
If you want an appetizer that will knock your guests’ socks off, you will find that using a variety of cheeses can be a great way to go. There are literally hundreds of types of cheese from all over the world, so you can make all kinds of delicious dishes.

One great dish to make is fondue, which is basically boiling cheese used as a dipping sauce – for a cube of meat in this case.
You can also make some delicious stuffed jalapenos or jalapeno poppers, and you can do so by spooning cream cheese into jalapeno peppers and deep frying them (with a low carb batter or breading of course).
Some ham and cheese cubes will make a tasty treat, or you can serve blue cheese dip with small pieces of lettuce and veggies.


Cream is the base for great dips, and you will find that there are many delicious dips that you can make using foods that are fairly low in carbs.
You may need to use veggies or low carb crackers for the dips, or you can spread the creamy dips over your salad. It’s all about finding ways to get creative with the foods that you’re working with, and it can be a whole lot of fun to try your hand at making all these creative dips.

One delicious dip involves tuna and cream, and the two are simply mixed together with blended onions and garlic to make a delicious, rich dip.
You can make the standard sour cream and onion dip by chopping chives and onions, or you can make yourself a Mexican bean dip by making refried beans that are thickened with cream.
If you’re going to serve food that would taste good with a tomato sauce, adding cream to your tomato sauce can make it a nice low carb dip that will taste great on pretty much any food.


Seafood is one of the most enjoyable foods that you can work with, as there is such a huge variety of dishes and ways to prepare the seafood. You may find that a nice shrimp dish will make the perfect entrée, or you can serve up some crab meat if you want. There are mussels, oysters, and fish that you can work with, or you can even have a lobster as the main event (or appetizer). Most seafood is fairly low in carbs, so you won’t have to worry about ruining your diet by adding these ingredients to the menu.

If you have a low carb breading, you can deep fry breaded shrimp and use it with your favorite dipping sauce as the perfect entrée. If you don’t, you can always make your own low carb Ceviche or shrimp cocktails.
You will find that crab meat can make great rolls, though you will need to use eggs and low carb flour alternatives.
If you can find low carb rice noodles, you can make a cold entrée filled with crab and shrimp meat, or you can make your own spring rolls using the low carb rice paper, shrimp, and your favorite low carb veggies.


For those who like to keep things fresh, vegetables will make some of the best low carb appetizers around. Your average vegetable is fairly low in carbs, though there are some veggies that have more carbs than others. It’s best to avoid the higher carb veggies in favor of the low carb alternatives, and you will find that all of the veggies can make the perfect entrees. It can be fun to great creative with your ingredients, and you can surprise your guests with delicious entrees made using low carb veggies.

Cucumbers are a nice low carb veggie, and you can scoop out the seeds to fill the center of the cucumber with liver pate or deviled egg yolks. You can serve vegetable sticks with your dip, chopping up as many carrots, cucumbers, celery sticks, and broccoli heads as you like. A nice tray of broccoli with steaming cheese sauce is sure to have everyone’s mouth watering, or you can whip out some delicious cauliflower treats by battering and deep frying the cauliflower with cheese. You can also stuff some peppers with the meat of your choice, or you can serve a cold soup made of veggies as the perfect appetizer.

Low Carb Crackers and Chips

Low carb crackers and chips are harder to find than you might expect, and they will certainly taste nothing like the food that you are used to.
However, if you can find these low carb foods, you will be able to use them to make the traditional cracker and chip appetizers that everyone loves – but you can make the low carb alternative.
You may just find that these low carb choices taste better than you had expected, and everyone will be delighted by the surprising flavor of these alternatives.

You can make your traditional chip and dip if you want, or you can toss some low carb tortilla chips into the oven with some low carb salsa, beans, and cheese to make delicious nachos.
You can serve your favorite seafood on crackers if you like, or some low carb chips will make a great side for the ceviche or shrimp cocktail you have made. You can even use these crackers to serve with your cheese, ham, and olives, and you will find that they will make your delicious salami rolls just that much more filling!

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