Does a Low Carb Pizza Really Exist?

Pizza is probably one of the favorite foods of just about everyone in the world, though Americans seem to love it a whole lot more than most.
However, did you know that your average pizza is one of the worst things that you can eat while on a low carb diet plan? That’s right, it is loaded down with carbs, and it is also very rich in fat. Pizza is, unfortunately, one of those foods that you need to cut back on if you are going to stay healthy.

The good news is that you can enjoy pizza if it’s made with the ingredients on the low carb food list.

The Pizza Dilemma

Pizza, as mentioned above, is one of the most popular foods in the world, but those on a low carb diet won’t be able to eat normal pizza. Especially not the ones you by. Why is that, you may ask?
Let’s take a look at a few of the ingredients used to make the pizza. This way you will understand why pizza is high in carbs, and what to change to make it a possibility even whan you want to eat low carb food:

The crust – The usual pizza crust is usually made from white flour, which is probably one of the highest glycemic foods that you can find. White flour is instantly turned into carbs by your body, and you will find that it will be one of those foods that are definitely NOT on the low carb foods list.
You will not be able to eat the normal pizza crust while on the low carb diet plan, even though it is probably one of the most important parts of the pizza. – Sorry! But as you will see below, there is hope.

Low carb pizza crust

The sauce – The average pizza sauce is made with ingredients that are  NOT on the low carb foods list and often the sauce has a lot of sugar added.
Tomatoes are fairly high in carbs, and tomato sauce is actually higher in carbs than the raw tomatoes thanks to the fact that onions and garlic are often used for the sauce. Both of these aromatic vegetables are fairly high in carbs, meaning that you will be adding to the total carb content of your food by including them in your sauce. When you add the sugar to balance out the flavor of the sauce, you are putting the final nail in your coffin lid.
But as you can see, if you make the sauce yourself and if you cut out the sugar, tomatosauce is OK.

Tomatoes for pizza

The cheese –  Most low carb diets will allow you to eat as much cheese as you want, if you choose a  cheese  fairly low in carbs. However, remember that all cheese has lactose in it, and lactose is basically just a form of sugar found in milk. The good thing about the cheese is that it has the fat that your body will have to burn for energy now that you’re cutting back on your carbs.

The toppings – The pizza toppings tend to vary in carb content, and there are good toppings and bad toppings.
Sun dried tomatoes and onions count among the poor choices for toppings, as they are fairly high in carbs.
Pepperoni, extra cheese, and Italian sausage are all excellent topping choices, as they contain mostly protein and fat – meaning very few carbs.
Olives are another excellent choice of topping, as olives are very rich in nutrients that your body needs while still being low in carbs.

As you can see, pizza is not going to be your best friend while on a low carb diet. If you were to take out the ingredients that would cause your carb consumption to go up, you would end up with the cheese and the toppings – not really a pizza!
For this reason, most pizzas are not going to be permitted during your low carb diet, as they will be fairly high in carbs – due mainly to the sauce and the crust. If you could find an alternative to these two ingredients, though, perhaps pizza could come back on the menu.

Introducing Low Carb Pizza

The great news here is that low carb pizza does exist, and you can enjoy a pizza while on the low carb diet – providing that you make it with the right ingredients. It’s going to take a lot of work to find the ingredients, but it will be worth it just to have the delicious taste of pizza once again. It may not be quite the same as the pizza that you’re used to eating, but what can you complain about? It’s a pizza that you can eat while on your diet, so it’s as good as it’s going to get.

Here is a recipe that you can use to make one of the best low carb pizzas around:


For this pizza dough, you will need one and a half cups of flax meal (a low carb alternative to flour), 2 teaspoons of baking powder, some salt, oregano, and pepper; three eggs, a few tablespoons of olive oil, half a cup of water, and some Stevia.

For the sauce, you will need to find some low carb tomato or pizza sauce, usually about half a cup will do.

For the toppings, get yourself some delicious mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, some Italian sausage, olives, and any other toppings that you like for your pizza.


To make the pizza dough, you will need to have your oven preheated to 425 degrees. In one bowl, you can combine all of the dry pizza dough ingredients, and mix the wet ingredients together in other bowl. Once you have mixed both the dry and wet ingredients separately, combine them in the same bowl and mix very vigorously. After combining the ingredients properly, give the dough about 5 minutes to rise.

Use a large round pan to spread out the dough, or use a cookie tray with a sheet of greased paper laid over it. Place the crusts into the oven, and let it cook for up to 20 minutes. However, when 15 minutes have passed, check it to be sure that it isn’t done. If it does look ready, take it out.

Once you have the crust ready to go, it’s time to ladle on the pizza sauce. It is a lower carb sauce, but there are still too many carbs in the sauce to ladle it on too thickly, so skimp a bit on the tomato sauce. Add just enough to give it the delicious pizza flavor that you like, but don’t add too much.

Sprinkle on your delicious mozzarella cheese, add all of the toppings that you want, and let it bake for just a few minutes. You will find that your pizza comes out tasting delicious and about as close to real pizza as it gets!

This recipe is one that follows the traditional style of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings, but there is another excellent recipe that you can use to make a far less traditional style of pizza for your low carb diet:


For this recipe, you will need about four ounces of your favorite cream cheese, a third of a cup of heavy cream, four eggs, a quarter of a cup of Parmesan cheese – grated of course – some chives for flavor, a bit of garlic and Italian seasoning, and 2 cups of mozzarella cheese.

You will also need half a cup of pizza or tomato sauce, with as few carbs as possible. Check through the aisles of your supermarket to find the lowest carb option. Get yourself at least another cup of cheese, and don’t forget all of your meaty toppings.


To begin, have the oven preheated to about 375 degrees. Using an egg beater, combine the eggs and the cream cheese, and beat them until they are as smooth as possible. Add the parmesan cheese, the heavy cream, and the seasonings to the mixture.

Prepare your oven tray by using some non-stick cooking spray, or rub some oil into it. Spread out the two cups of mozzarella cheese along the bottom of the pan, and pour the egg and cheese mixture into the pan. Place that in the oven, and let it bake for about half an hour.

Once the 30 minutes have passed, take the “crust” from the oven. Let it cool down a bit before applying all of the pizza sauce to it, and sprinkling it with the cheese and toppings of your choice. Bake, serve, and enjoy!

These two low carb pizza recipes will basically guarantee that you can still enjoy a bit of pizza while on your low carb diet, though you will have to limit the amount of carbs that you eat for the rest of the day. Still, just the fact that you can have pizza is totally worth cutting back!

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