Delicious Low Carb Soup Recipes

Low carb soup recipes exist for one simple reason: to help you to fill up without overdoing it on the carbs OR the calories.

The truth is that soups are just some of the best things that you can eat while on your low calorie or low carb diet, and you won’t be able to find a better meal (well, perhaps a salad)!
However, finding the best low carb soup recipes will be the key to making delicious soups that you can enjoy, and it will be well worth taking the time to come up with your own in order to have some tasty soups on cold days.

Why Soup?

Soup is one of the traditional foods in many parts of the world, and there are literally thousands of different soup recipes that you can try in just about every corner of the planet.
You won’t be able to visit a country without being forced to try at least one kind of soup, and soup is probably the universal dish that just about everyone around the world enjoys.

So Again, Why soup?
Easy to make – Soup is ridiculously easy to make, and you will find that whipping up a nice pot of soup is a matter of minutes of work. You can spend a few minutes cutting up all of your favorite vegetables and ingredients, and you can just put them in the pot to cook.
While the soup is being made, you can go about cleaning the kitchen, writing your emails, or doing just about anything you want.
The soup will basically take care of itself, and all you have to do is sit back and let it cook – ready to ladle yourself a bowl full when it’s finally ready!
Low calories – If there is one thing that you can usually count on with soup, it is that it will be fairly low in calories.
While there are some soups that are made with rich ingredients that end up being high in calories, this is very uncommon. Seeing as most soups are made with water, broth, or milk, you will find that they will be – for the most part – fairly low calorie-wise. If you are trying to watch your weight, soups are highly recommended.
Very filling – Most people like soups because of their taste, but probably the best thing about soup is its ability to fill you up.
Seeing as the soup is mostly liquid, eating a bowl of soup is kind of like eating a plate of veggies and meat with a few glasses of water. The soup has all of the flavor that you enjoy, but it has all the liquid to fill you. You can usually eat a bowl or two of soup and fill up quickly, while the same amount of solid food may not quite do the trick.
Healthy – Soups are a great healthy choice for those who are trying to focus on eating the foods that will nourish their bodies, as they are almost always made with some kind of vegetables. Vegetables will stretch the meat in the soup, so you will be able to get a whole lot of nutrients in the soup.
Sure, the nutrients are boiled out of the veggies, but they are present in the broth that you are drinking. As long as you use the same broth that you used to boil your vegetables, you’re going to get a whole lot of nutrients.
Cheap – Probably the thing that has put soup on the map the most is the fact that it’s cheap. You can drop just about any kind of ingredients into the soup, add a few spices and pinches of salt, drop in a bit of meat, and you have a soup that is guaranteed to taste delicious.
It’s pretty hard to make a soup that doesn’t taste good, and even experimenting with ingredients can help you to come up with all kinds of delicious soup recipes. You will find that making a soup will be far less expensive than making a solid meal, and it will often be just as enjoyable if made right.
The truth is that soup will play a central role in just about any diet, and you will find that eating more soup is probably the best thing that you can do if you are serious about losing weight, getting in shape, watching your food intake, and keeping your carb consumption to a minimum.
There are many delicious soups that you can make, and you will have no end of choices for delicious and creative soup ideas.

A Few Ingredients to Mess Around With

Interested in making some delicious soups? Here are a few ingredients that you can use to make your soups, as well as a few ideas of how to use the ingredients creatively to come up with your own delightful soup dishes:

Beans and lentils are some of the best foods that you can eat while on a low carb diet, as they will have a good amount of fiber to help cancel out the carbs they contain.
They are not to be eaten every day thanks to their higher carb content, but you will find that adding a few meals of lentils, beans, or chick peas to your weekly meal plan will be a great way to add some variety.
One of the best bean soups that you can make will be thick with your favorite pork or beef sausages, which will give the beans some extra flavor.
Make sure to drop a head of garlic and a whole onion straight into the pot, leaving them whole so that you can fish them out when the beans are done cooking.
Lentils are fairly easy to make, especially if you have the ingredients to make curry. You may have to find an alternative to tomato paste as the curry base, but there are many low carb curry recipes around. You can also make a split pea soup as the perfect warming meal on a cold winter day, with just the right amount of beef, pork, or sausage as the flavoring of the soup.

Curry Lentil Soup with Leek:

For 4 people (or 3 very hungry people) you will need:
olive oil
1 big onion or 1 leek, cut
3 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon carry
1/4 fresh chili or ground chili
½ teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon ground ginger or 2 slices of fresh ginger
1 can of coconut milk
1 can of lentils, red or green/ 1 cup of dry lentils
4½ cup/1 l of soup fond, vegetable
1 teaspoon of salt

Fry the leek and garlic in the oil for some minutes, until the leek is slightly brown in some parts (don’t burn it, though). Add the curry and chili and hard fry that for a minute.
Add all the other ingredients and and let it simmer for ½ an hour/1 hour.Taste the soup to see if it needs more salt.
You can add a little lime, if you like.
Blend the soup, and serve it together with the burger buns you find on this page

Delicious lentil soup
Delicious lentil soup is low carb

Easy to make lentil soup with leek and curry, before I blended it. Serve it with the delicious burger buns you find on an other page on this website.

Meat plays a central role in the low carb diet, and the truth is that all low carb meals will revolve around a whole lot of meat. Did you know that most soups are also based on meat, or at least some kind of animal fat or protein? You will find that a hearty soup made with chicken, pork, beef, or even fish will be very enjoyable, and you can fill up easily on these soups.
One great idea is to make a beef soup, dropping a couple of tomatoes into the soup for flavor.
You can make the quintessential chicken soup, though you will have to leave out all of the soup noodles and potato cubes in favor of the low carb vegetables.
A nice green pea stew made German style with Kielbasa sausage will be a great low carb meal, and it will give you all the nutrients you need to keep your body going.
A fish stew is going to be a bit harder to make, but you may just find that a lightly flavored shrimp stew can be a delicious choice.
If you are going to make soups with seafood, it’s often a good choice to partially cook the seafood in a pan and only add it to the soup once you have given it the flavor that you want. Either way, seafood and the meats above will be the best additions to your low carb soup recipes.


Vegetables are going to be the healthiest choices for your low carb soups, though you’re going to have to get a bit more creative when making veggie soups.
Remember that potatoes, corn, and carrots are off the menu, so you will have to go with some of the other low carb veggies. However, there are many delicious vegetables to work with, so making low carb soup recipes will be surprisingly easy.
If you like pumpkin, you can cook it in milk with a bit of bacon to add some extra flavor. Simply scrape the cooked pumpkin out of its rind, blend, and keep cooking it. Onions are on the list of foods that you need to be careful for, but nothing says “Mmmmm!” like a good French onion soup.
Spinach will be the base for a delicious soup, especially if you drop some eggs into it.
You can make yourself the traditional Miso soup – complete with nori and even some delicious bamboo shoots and bamboo noodles. Green beans can be the perfect addition to a filling soup, or you can whip up a delicious broccoli and cheese soup to help you fill up!
All these soup ideas will be easy to make, and they will be fairly cheap, filling, and great to eat!

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