Delicious Low Carb Meals

There are many delicious low carb meals that you can enjoy, and the truth is that these meals will be no less delicious than the meals that are loaded with carbs.
Oh, sure, you won’t be able to eat all that bread, pasta, or rice that you want to eat, but that’s a small price to pay in order to be healthy, lower your blood sugar, and even lose weight.
If you are serious about trying to follow a healthy low carb living style and eat more foods low in carbs, it’s important that you try and make these delicious low carb meal recipes.

Here are a few ideas of delicious low carb meals that you can enjoy on your low carb diet plan:

Veggie Wraps

If there is one thing that will make your meals a lot tastier, it is adding a bit of veggies to your meat! You will find that a nice veggie wrap will actually be a delicious treat, especially if you use a low carb tortilla to help you wrap up your turkey meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and other delicious veggies. You don’t need the tortilla, however, as you can just wrap the entire thing in a few pieces of lettuce. You can dress your veggie wrap with a nice vinegar based dressing, and a spoonful of olive oil will do the trick of adding plenty of flavor. Don’t forget to find a nice cheese that will contain as few carbs as possible, and slice and dice those veggies however you want to make a delicious low carb meal!

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

If you want a meal that is nice and filling, you will be amazed at just how filling a delicious plate heaped with a Caesar salad can be. The salad itself is almost all lettuce, with a bit of Parmesan cheese – preferably the freshly grated type – sprinkled generously on top. Put a chicken breast on the grill to cook, and add all the spices you want. The result will be a delicious grilled piece of chicken that will sit perfectly on your salad, and will go very well with the simple low carb vinaigrette dressing that you will use to add just the perfect flavor. Seeing as lettuce is very low in carbs, you will be able to eat pretty much as much of this delicious salad as you want.

Steak and Salad

There is nothing like a good steak fresh off the grill, and you will be amazed at how delicious a freshly grilled steak will be once you have enjoyed it. You can eat a hearty salad along with your steak, and you will find that it will be a surprisingly low carb meal – though not as low fat as you may like. Still, there are few meals that can compare with a steak for the average meat-lover, and it will be a delicious choice that is guaranteed to fill you up (all the protein and fiber will make you feel full much more quickly than carbs will!).

Ribeye steak with salad and chimichurru (picture above)

Ingredients (serves two):

600 g Ribeye (without bone)

1 lettuce, chopped
1 cucumber, diced
200 g tomatoes
4 spring onions
Parmesan cheese as preferred
Oil, lime juice, salt and pepper as preferred

1 handful of parsley
4-6 leaves of sage
1-2 twigs of rosemary
5 table spoons of good olive oil
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
1 hot chili
Salt and pepper

Salad ingredients are prepared and mixed together. All ingredients for the chimichurru are blended together. Steak grilled on high heat on both sides untill approximately 45 degrees Celsius in the middle.

Served straight away.

Salad Bar

If you want to have a nice light lunch or dinner, going for a salad bar may be just what you need. You can heap your plate high with lettuce, but you can garnish it with some spinach, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, carrots, and all the other delicious foods that you want. Raw onions and corn are both fairly high in carbs, so it’s best to stay away from them. You can make yourself three boiled eggs and eat only the egg whites, and you can top off the meal with some nice turkey ham and cheese. You can add pretty much any kind of protein you want, making it a very filling meal indeed!


Pretty much anything made with eggs will be an excellent choice for you if you are trying to cut back on your carbs, but a good omelet will be one of the best meals – and one of the tastiest as well. Use a small amount of oil to help you sauté some garlic, tomatoes, spinach, zucchini, and whatever other low carb veggies you want to add. Let some bacon brown on one side, and cook your omelet with all of the ingredients. Don’t forget to sprinkle a bit of salt, pepper, and a generous helping of cheese – the low carb kind – into your omelet. It is guaranteed to fill you up nicely, and you will never go hungry again thanks to low carb foods like eggs!


If you are a fan of fondue, there is always a vegetarian alternative for you. All you will need to do is steam some broccoli, carrots, or cauliflower in a steamer, and use these lightly steamed vegetables in a bubbling pot of cheese. You can also eat the fondue with chunks of meat being dipped into the cheese, which makes it one of the tastiest meals that you can have – though very high in saturated fat and protein. As long as you use cheese that is full fat, you should have no problems worrying about the carb content of your meal!

Veggie Platter

If you find yourself with only a few minutes to eat and run, a veggie platter is the perfect meal to take with you wherever you go. You can cut up all of the celery, carrot, cucumber, and jicama sticks that you want, and this meal will be very high in fiber while being incredibly low in carbs and calories. You can also add some sliced bell peppers, some raw broccoli, washed spinach leaves, and some lettuce to complete your veggie platter. If you are a carnivore, you may want to add some cheese slices, strips or grilled chicken, or cubes of turkey ham to round out the meal properly. Even if you don’t add these proteins, the veggies alone will make an excellent low carb AND low fat meal!

Berries and Yoghurt

Starting out the morning with a heavy meal may not be your thing, but serving yourself a bowl of sugar free natural yoghurt with berries can be the perfect low carb meal to give yourself a powerful energy boost. It will be challenging to find yoghurt that is sugar free, but you may be able to find the natural yoghurt that doesn’t contain any aspartame or sugars. The berries will have some carbs, but this will still be a nice low carb meal that you can enjoy at least once a day. The vitamins in the berries will give you a boost, and you will get a healthy dose of protein from the yoghurt. As long as the yoghurt is sugar free, it’s a great meal choice for you!

Low carb straw berries

Gelatin Snacks

There are many delicious gelatin snacks that you can enjoy in the middle of the day, and you may be surprised to find that just a few cups of the gelatin will be an amazingly filling meal. However, you are going to have to look around for the sugarless gelatin cups or snacks, which can be quite a challenge considering that most types of gelatin will contain sugar. The Jell-O brand usually has at least one sugarless snack that you can find in the average supermarket, which will make an excellent light meal for anyone in a hurry.


Everyone has seen the movie about the mouse that becomes a chef, but the final dish prepared by the mouse is one of the best low carb meals around. It is a simple dish that combines zucchini and eggplant in a lasagna-like meal – it contains cheese and tomato sauce poured liberally over the dish. You will find that it will be an incredibly tasty meal that you are guaranteed to love, and it will fill you up nicely. If you make the tomato sauce using fresh tomatoes, you will be able to keep it as low carb as you want. It will be a bit tangy thanks to the fact that you won’t be able to add sugar to your tomato sauce, but it will still be delicious!

Butter fried plaice with soy pasta

low carb butter fried plaice with vegetables

Serves 4

8 plaice fillet or similar
50 g butter
1 Organic or non surface treated lemon
Salt and pepper

600 g Soy or bean pasta
100 g sugar free pesto

1 broccoli, cut into smaller size

Fish fillet fried in butter until golden, seasoned with salt and pepper, and when served drizzled with lemon juice. Soy or bean pasta boiled in salted water for approximately 8 minutes, or as indicated on the label. Turned in with the pesto. Broccoli steamed or boiled in salted water, for 3-4 minutes.

Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a dish that is made with strips of chicken served with bread, but this time you will serve it with Romaine lettuce leaves. You will still boil the chicken and pull it apart into strips, and you can still add the dressing of your choice – though make sure that it’s a low carb salad dressing (mayonnaise may not be as low carb as you want). Once you have dressed the chicken and added the salt, pepper, and other spices that you want (cayenne pepper is highly recommended by the chef), you can use a spear of Romaine lettuce as the wrap for the chicken. It is a very fresh meal that is guaranteed to be just as delicious as a regular chicken salad, just a lot lighter and containing fewer carbs.


This meal depends on your ability to find low carb tortillas, something that will be a bit of a challenge. If you can find low carb tortillas, you will be able to make this delicious meal and enjoy it without worrying about the carbs. Simply slice up onions and bell peppers into strips, and sauté them well. Add strips or chicken or beef to the dish, and sauté them all together. Serve with the low carb tortillas and some homemade salsa, and enjoy! It will be a bit higher in carbs thanks to the onions, but it will be a meal that is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all.

These are just a few meal ideas, but you can find many more online – or even come up with your own!

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