Atkins Recipes for All Occasions

Be a Collector of Atkins Recipes

I’m a bit of a recipe collector, my kitchen is full of scraps of paper with jotted down notes for tasty meals I’ve seen in magazines or on TV. If a friend offers me something new I’ll beg for the ingredients list.

So when I first started out on the Atkins diet plan I was worried that I would be struggling for Atkins diet menu ideas. I could not have been more wrong!

Now my kitchen is full of scraps of paper with Atkins menu recipes as well. 🙂

I take my inspiration from the world around me and of course the Atkins diet food list.

I’m now on Phase four of the Atkins diet plan, so I can add on some additional net carbs and still maintain my ideal weight.
If I think I might be starting to put a little bit of weight back on, I cut back on the net carbs until I’m back to where I want to be. Simple.

I’ve always been very careful with my kids’ diet, and they have never been overweight.
But I don’t cook two different meals every night – just because I’m following a Lifetime Maintenance program it doesn’t mean my Atkins diet recipes are not suitable for the rest of my family. Just a few modifications and we can all sit down to eat the same meal – I don’t have the time to mess about, so why make my life any more difficult than it needs to be?

And, I also have a whole load of different “fancy” recipes for when I’m entertaining or for birthdays and Thanksgiving.

Just so you know, I allow myself up to 45 g of net carbs per day. This seems to suit me, some days I go less, some I might go a bit over – it all evens out in the end. I do exercise for at least 30 minutes every day as well.

Recipes from the Atkins Website

If you are not used to making recipes from scratch, then as a first port of call I would suggest you visit the official Atkins site and check out their recipe page. There they have over 1,500  recipes to choose from, and you can also use the recipe ideas from all of the other Atkins community members as well.

You can search through the recipes according to what Phase you are in, how many net carbs it contains, how long it will take to prepare(!), which meal it is for and even the difficulty level.

These recipes do all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to calculate how many net carbs are in each one, you can follow the recipe step-by-step and even give it a star rating at the end.

Some of the top recipes from the site include:

– Beef stroganoff
– Baked meatballs
– Asian beef salad
– Atkins Cuisine Waffles (just 6 g of net carbs per serving!)

Recipes Using Low-carb Recipe Ideas

Another really useful place to look for Atkins diet menu ideas are in low-carb cookbooks, such as for the South Beach diet or the Dukan diet. Often these can be adapted to suit the Atkins diet by reducing or replacing one or two of the ingredients.

Gourmet Recipes for Special Occasions

I did tempt you earlier by saying I had a whole load of recipes that I use for entertaining and for special occasions.
Some I’ve developed myself, others I have squirreled away from various magazines, cookery shows and newspaper articles. Here are a few of them.

Thanksgiving Atkins Recipes

It’s the most festive time of the year and everyone expects something special at Thanksgiving. I have a couple of recipes that I use, one traditional, one not so.

Traditional – well it has to be turkey, doesn’t it?

Roasted turkey, the cavity stuffed with seasoned sausage meat.

When I prepare the turkey for roasting I always peel back the skin a little and stuff the space between the skin and breast meat with garlic and herb butter, this keeps the meat moist while it is cooking and adds a great flavor to the meat.

For our sides, we have: cranberry sauce (sweetened with sugar substitute), roasted squash, gravy made from the meat juices, deviled eggs, dumplings made with Atkins flour, carrots and spinach.

The children, and those not on the Atkins, also have sweet potatoes and corn on the cob.

Not so traditional – Rabbit with mustard sauce and bacon

This recipe I got from an English newspaper (The Telegraph), it is by the chef Henry Harris (who is also a follower of the Atkins diet plan).

The rabbit is browned in a heavy pan and then cooked in the oven, then it is covered in a creamy shallot and mustard sauce, served on a bed of spinach and garnished with crispy bacon pieces.

It looks fabulous and tastes delicious.

Recipes for a Birthday Treat

For adults

It has to be a T-bone or Porterhouse steak – fried in garlic butter and crushed peppercorns with thinly sliced shallots.
Remove the steak once it is cooked and let it rest for a few minutes, meanwhile add some cream to the frying pan and shallots to make a lovely rich sauce which you can pour over the steak.

Serve with roasted zucchini, aubergine (egg plant) and mushrooms. As part of my daily net carb allowance I also have a small serving of sweet potato mashed with butter.

For the whole family

Sticky barbecue ribs and chicken kebabs

I first cook the ribs by boiling them in water until done. I tend to add an onion, some celery and seasoning to the water to add a bit of flavor. When they are cooked they can be stored in the refrigerator until you need them. The same goes for the chicken pieces, I cook the breasts first and then cube them once they are cooked.

When you are ready to cook the ribs and kebabs, pour over a sauce made from honey and barbecue seasoning. Cook the meat in the oven or on a grill. I like to barbecue mine over hickory chips. When I serve these up I always give the kids an extra helping of the warmed through sauce to pour over their meal. We eat these with a green salad, and the kids also have a corn on the cob each.

Recipes to Use When Entertaining

Not so posh

Home made burgers with salsa and potato wedges.

I grind my own beef and add in some chopped onion and chilli, then I grill them and serve in a low carb burger bun (about 6 net carbs each), with mayonnaise, salsa, and grilled cheese.

The fries are made by cutting up the potatoes into wedges, putting them on a baking tray and covering with olive oil, salt and pepper. They are baked in the oven, turning them once or twice until crisp. (half a cup of potato equals approximately 14 g of net carbs).

Posh – Fruits de Mer

This is basically just a huge fish-fest. But if you present it well it looks very, very posh!

Fresh oysters served on ice. Whole cooked lobsters, crabs and crayfish. Cooked mussels, clams and other small shellfish. Smoked salmon and poached salmon steaks. Small shrimps and prawns. Smoked fish pate. Caviar. Served with brown bread and butter, lemon wedges, Tabasco sauce, aoli and a salad garnish.


Last Words

You see? It is so easy to create wonderful Atkins recipes using the Atkins food list. OK, your day-to-day menus won’t be as elaborate as these, but now you know that the choices are out there if you need them.

And you can be a bit more organized than I am – rather than pieces of paper strewn around your kitchen, why not treat yourself to a proper scrap book to keep your Atkins recipes safe? I keep promising to myself that I’ll buy a scrapbook to put all mine in – one day!

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